IKJ Factory Direct

Why Factory Direct?

At IKJ, we are the factory.  Some of the biggest and most trusted name brands were all made right here in our own facilities, by our own craftsmen.

It may not be obvious to the average customer, but most of the big names in the baseball glove industry do not own their own production.  In fact, a lot of them come to us!  We have been in the game for nearly 40 years, producing gloves for a wide variety of widely-known brand names.

Pro Sponsorships?  Licensing?  Overhead?

Which one do we spend the most on?  None of the above.  At IKJ, we skip the fanfare and pass those savings along to you.  Our goal is simple - We strive to provide big-brand quality at factory pricing in one direct-to-customer approach.  No middle man.  No markups.  No messing around.